Arrival and departure

The arrival hours in the camping are from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm. Identity document or passport are necessary for registration. The departure hours are before 11:00 am. After vacating the place, the campers can stay in the camping up to 11:00 pm, paying only the daily tariff of the presence.
For the clients of the bungalows, check-in is from 2:00 pm; check-out is before 10:00 am.

Booking and deposit

Booking by email or phone must be followed within 5 working days by the payment of a deposit, by means of bank transfer or other means of payment. As we receive the deposit, we will confirm the validity of the booking by email or phone. If we do not receive the deposit within 10 days, booking is intended renounced.
The deposit is the 30% of the expected total. In case you must cancel a reservation, the 50% of the deposit will be refunded if the recess is communicated within 30 days before the booked arrival date. No refund will be given if notice is received later than the forementioned term.


Holiday in camping pitch: the permanence must be paid by the day before the departure.
Holiday in bungalow: the Client must pay the stay on arrival, after looking over the bungalow.
Identity document required if paying by check.


Daily guests can stay in the camping from 8:00 am to 11 pm. The first hour is free. Beyond this term, the fare is the same of the season tariff. If the rate is not paid by the guest, it will be charged to the host.


Speed limit inside the camping is man’s step (5 km/h). During rest hours (2:30-4:00 pm and 0:30-7:00 am) motor vehicles cannot be used.

Preservation of the environment

The ground of the place, in case moats or pits have been digged, must be restored before the departure. Please pay attention to remove stakes.
Barbecues are allowed as long as they are placed at suitable distance from caravans, verandas, hedges or other flammable material.

Domestic animals

Dogs, cats and other pets must come with regular vaccination certificate. Inside the camping, dogs must be on leash; excrements must be dumped in the garbage cans. Gloves and pooper-scooper can be bought at the dispenser at the café.


Complaints can be lodged at the Camping Direction or at the Civitanova Marche Tourism Office.

The Court of Civitanova Marche is competent for any controversy.